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Kids Discover and Remember the Official Plant Secret. 

The mission of Hydration Education Foundation, Inc. (A Public Charity) is to creatively reinforce the PLANT SECRET (a critical life skill) of choosing to drink plain water instead of sugar beverages.

This simple act of reducing/not drinking sugar/chemical beverages is widely accepted as effective in reducing dental disease, obesity and other conditions such as dehydration and even diabetes where genetics is not a factor.

Our objective is to creatively teach the critical life skill of proper hydration to early learners and their families.

Learning the official plant secret empowers children. 

GULPWATER®Life Lessons 

"We've actually spoken to plants who have given us special permission to tell" kids, parents and friends the "vital plant's secret".  Their secret is untold ('cause plants don't talk...) but it's how plants got to be both the oldest and the biggest living organisms on the Earth.

Official Gulpwater®permission is strategically designed to reveal "The Plant Secret" to a specific child who also gets written permission to tell the secret to their friends and family. This official permission certification shares healthy behaviors throughout generations.

Some important life lessons are already taught to kids:

Don't touch that it's HOT !

Don't put that in your mouth - it's got bad germs! 

GIFT -SPONSOR- DONATE: Gulpwater® Hydration Life Lessons are traditionally NOT TAUGHT, yet are life-saving and fun to learn. 

Your gift will provide kids and their families with an amazing free tool for simply creating a lifetime of better health. 

Please click HERE to make a charitable contribution.

It's easy, secure and tax deductible.

How many life lessons can you donate?

Hydration Education Foundation, Inc. truly thanks you for your kindness and your generosity. 

Help Us Teach Kids The Official Plant Secret!

Everything You Need To Teach Your Class About The Importance Of Hydration Click Here




We Challenge You To A Vineoff

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Our VineOff Challenge For Best Video created .https://vine.co/u/1347383397814767616

We Challenge You To Make A Better One -

There is ALOT of room to

improve over our Challenge Vine.

Just please use the same overall visual sequence.

Person~People~Crowd Drinking Soda,

Plant knocks~takes~removes sugar beverage

out of hand~holder~pocket and Replaces It with Water. 

Submit to #gulpwaterchallenge@gulpwater.net

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Profits from Hot dogs, salty pretzels and soda pop sold at a hot dog stand became a financial engine that launched a health-oriented nonprofit - Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas has the story...

In 2010, Jon Salkin restored an original New York City bicycle-wheel hot dog cart... he set up his business along historic Warren Street in Hudson... as they say, the rest is history.

Using the hot dog stand profits, Salkin built his organization - its mission: prevent childhood obesity, diabetes, dehydration and dental disease. Salkin said it took two-and-half years to process all the paperwork.

The Hydration Education Foundation at www.gulpwater.org teaches children to choose plain water over sugary drinks. The Hydration Education Foundation's Lesson Plans have been introduced to schools in Alabama, California, Arizona, Florida, New York as well as in New Zealand and Australia.

There's more on twitter! The US Department of Agriculture has designated Hydration Education Foundation, Inc. as an Official Community Partner.